About Us

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Who we are at Audio Sandwich


My name is Michael and this is my website Audio Sandwich.

I’ve been specializing in audio equipment and accessories for a while and have a little something in store for every kind of hi-fi enthusiast.

Based in California, I keep attending special launch events across the globe. This has helped me understand the products better, and with a unique hands-on experience I’m able to provide you with easy to understand reviews about the best in audio tech from around the world.

What we do at Audio Sandwich

At Audio Sandwich we have dedicated our resources and time to talk about audio related products, the latest and best in the market that will have any audiophile begging for more.

Our Reviews

We have a wide range of topics which have been covered, but our primary focus are on the following

  1. Headphones
  2. Soundbars
  3. Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
  4. Earphones (Wireless)
  5. Home Theaters

and much more..

How do we earn?

Audio Sandwich earns revenue via referrals, this means that any purchase made via the links listed in each article on our website will lead us to receive a commission from the source.

We also have the ability to earn revenue from the advertisements we run across the website.

All readers and potential buyers will not be charged any additional fee from Audio Sandwich.