Best Bluedio Headphones 2021

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Are you looking for a good set of headphones that can be matched with the likes of Bose and Sony but still remain affordable?

If yes then you’re in for a treat. 

Bluedio has been manufacturing headphones and audio related accessories for a while and have been considered as one of the best Headphone companies to originate in China.  

They manufacture affordable yet stylish headphones that are capable of providing you with a full bodied music experience. 

These headphones have slowly but steadily taken over the music space simply because unlike big brands who develop premium headphones that target a fraction of the population, Bluedio has been able to provide models with premium components to target even those who are living on a budget.

Whether you’re a student, musician, businessman or house-wife, Bluedio has something in store for you.

Let’s take a look at the Best Bluedio Headphones available today.

  • Bluedio T7 Turbine
  • Bluedio V2 (Victory)
  • Bluedio T2s
  • Bluedio U (UFO)
  • Bluedio HT Turbine

Best Bluedio Headphones

Bluedio as a brand has gained some serious recognition for their wide range of headphones. They have managed to produce the following types of headphones

  • Over the Ear Bluedio Headphones
  • In-ear Bluedio Headphones
  • Foldable Bluedio Headphones
  • Bluedio ANC Headphones

Here are the Top 5 Best Bluedio Headphones:

Best Bluedio HeadphonesSpecificationsPrice
Bluedio T7 TurbineBluetooth – 5.0
Driver Units – 57mm
Charging Time – 2 hours
Working Range – 10 meters
Playback 35 hours 
Bluedio V2 (Victory)Bluetooth – 5.0
Driver Units – PPS 12
Charging Time – 2.5 hours
Working Range – 10 meters
Playback 18 hours 
Bluedio T2sBluetooth – 4.1
Driver Units – 57mm
Charging Time – 2 hours
Working Range – 10 meters
Playback 40 hours 
Bluedio U (UFO)Bluetooth – 4.1
Driver Units – PPS 8
Charging Time – 3 hours
Working Range – 10 meters
Playback 25 hours 
Bluedio HT TurbineBluetooth – 5.0
Driver Units – 57mm
Charging Time – 2.5 hours
Working Range – 10 meters
Playback 45 hours 

There are a couple of things you must remember before putting for a good set of headphones. These tips will keep you in the loop and help you understand which kind of headphone is best suited for you.

Main Features Of The Best Bluedio Headphones

While most people opt for headphones with noise cancelling technology, others may prefer something with maybe an adjustable headband or one that’s Bluetooth compatible. Here, i’m  going to list out the main features to look for in Bluedio headphones that will help you ultimately decide what to go in for.

  • Active Noise Cancellation – There are numerous Bluedio headphones that come with some form of ANC technology or the other. Some models are equipped with an advanced noise cancellation algorithm  where the inbuilt microphones are able to capture the ambient noises and are able to cancel it out by applying the opposite frequency. It’s always good to opt for a set of headphones that come with ANC simply because external noises are cancelled out and you’re able to enjoy music the way it’s meant to be.
  • Vector Flow Technology – Headphones that come with Vector flow technology definitely offer stronger sound reproduction and are much more comfortable than those without. Normally, Vector flow technology is integrated within the structure of the headphones to propel air in and out. This helps in providing you with deeper bass and provides ventilation for the ears.
  • Adjustable Headbands – Picking a set of headphones with adjustable headbands or foldable ear cups give you some leeway in adjusting the headphone positioning to suit your personal experience. This is an added bonus  if you’re going to  use the headphone while traveling or if you’re in the market for something that can be folded into a compact size.
  • Long Battery Life – The battery life of the headphones is one of the most important things to consider before you can buy one for yourself. You’ll want something that lasts longer than the rest in the market and also one that offers longer battery life even while Bluetooth is functioning. It’s a good idea to pick a set of headphones with sensors that automatically play or pause music, this acts as an energy saver and helps prolong the battery life.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Living in a world that’s going wireless, it’s good to own headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth. These days, most of the headphones have some version of Bluetooth or the other but to receive  unmatched connectivity and flawless transmission, it’s best to stick to headphones that come with Bluetooth 4.2 and higher.

Bluedio T7 Turbine

Best Bluedio Headphones

The Bluedio T7 Turbine is designed for serious audio-professionals as it is able to adjust to your personal needs via certain features such as the use of ANC, AWS and Bluedio application. These headphones are rated some of the best noise cancelling headphones in the market and are convenient to use. 

You can find these headphones on Amazon for $31.99.

  • It comes equipped with the active noise cancelling feature that uses 4 mics for strong noise cancellation and 2 mics for weaker noise cancellation. You are able to configure the ANC using the controls on the headset or via the Bluetooth application. As a user you can decide which part of the room has more noise and adjust the ANC accordingly.
Best Bluedio Headphones
  • These headphones are compatible with the Bluedio Bluetooth smartphone application. With the T7 Turbine, you can verbally control your headphones and make calls, set reminders and check the weather of the day. 
  • The Bluedio T7 Turbine is designed with rotating ear cups for added comfort, not only that but the ear pads do not get warm over prolonged use. Apart from the ear cup design, you even get a row of controls on the ear pads that allow you to manage the volume level and receive calls.
Bluetooth Version5.0
Driver Size57mm dynamic drivers
FeaturesANC; Adjustable Headband; Bluedio App Connection
Noise Reduction4mic (-25dBa); 2mic (dBa)

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Bluedio V2 (Victory)

Best Bluedio Headphones

The V2 (Victory) is considered to be one of the most advanced headphones in the market and are capable of providing you with a truly unparalleled experience. These headphones come with high-performance drivers that offer a cinematic effect and along with the upgraded Bluedio application you are definitely going to have the time of your life.

These headphones are available on Amazon for $69.99.

  • The Bluedio V2 Victory are built to last, they are manufactured from a titanium aluminum alloy and are practically unbreakable. These lightweight headphones come with a single button (power) on the ear cup and an extremely sensitive sensor embedded in the ear cups to receive and disconnect phone calls.
Best Bluedio Headphones
  • While these headphones work great stand-alone, they can be adjusted and programmed to offer a better experience by using the Bluedio application. The headphones can be set to power off when there’s no activity for more than 10 minutes. You are even able to configure and activate the integrated voice assistant to access platforms like Amazon.
  • The best feature by far of the V2 Victory is the PPS 12. Here, Bluedio has provided you with 12 specifically designed drivers to provide you with a cinematic experience with true sound reproduction. Coupled with vector flow technology, these headphones  use the ventilators in the back panel to support bass and equalize air pressure.
Bluetooth Version5.0
Driver SizePPS 12 Drivers
FeaturesAmazon Web Services; Auto-play; Sleep mode; Voice Assistant
Supported ProtocolsA2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

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Bluedio T2s

Best Bluedio Headphones

The T2s or Turbine 2 Shooting Brake is a classic styled headphones that are foldable, comfortable to wear and delivers extraordinary bass. These headphones are made to enhance your comfort levels by using rotating ear cups and extra soft ear pads.

You can buy these headphones on Amazon for $28.99.

  • The Bluedio T2s offers longer play time and are capable of running non-stop for 40 hours on a single charge while connected via Bluetooth and even longer play time when directly connected to the audio source. 
Best Bluedio Headphones
  • They come with a unique rotary design giving it a total techno look and making it comfortable if you’re planning on using it for hours on end. The ear cups can rotate a total of 198 degrees and can easily fit perfectly on anyone.
  • One of the best features of the T2s is that it’s both wireless and wire compatible. Using Bluetooth 4.1, these headphones conserve power and offer uncompromised connectivity. If you’re looking for ultimate connectivity you can go ahead and plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and experience audio like never before.
Bluetooth Version4.1
Driver Size57mm Drivers
FeaturesFoldable & Rotary; 40 hours play-time (Wireless); Built-in Mic

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Bluedio U (UFO)

Best Bluedio Headphones

Slightly pricey, the Bluedio U headphones use PPS8 acoustics technology to deliver wireless high-end 3D sound. These headphones are designed to recreate cinematic effects allowing you to have an immersive experience. Here, the PPS8 technology works in tandem with the DSP processor to deliver impressive audio quality.

The Bluedio U is available on Amazon for $89.99.

  • The most important feature of the Bluedio U is that it’s capable of reproducing sound in a virtual 360 degree effect. The PPS 8 technology is what targets certain drivers to provide you with the complete range of sound.
Best Bluedio Headphones
  • The body is made up of an aluminum titanium alloy making  it sturdy, strong and long-lasting. These headphones are practically indestructible and can be put under pressure. The leather used on the ear cups provide you with a comfortable fit and can be replaced with ear pads made of memory foam for added comfort.
  • These headphones come with long play-time and can work well for up to 25 hours at a stretch. They come with Bluetooth 4.1 that helps reduce your battery consumption and offer stronger connectivity. You are able to charge the headphones to full battery within 3 hours.
Bluetooth Version4.1
Driver SizePPS 8 Drivers
Features3D Surround Sound; 24-bit High-Fi; 25 hours play time (Wireless)

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Bluedio HT Turbine

Best Bluedio Headphones

The HT Turbine is designed to enhance your overall experience thanks to their 57mm dynamic drivers for unmatched sound reproduction and protein leather ear pads for added comfort. They are luxurious sounding headphones that look premium and are extremely affordable making them THE BEST Bluedio headphones on this list.

These headphones are available on Amazon for $27.80.

  • These headphones are considered the best in terms of sound performance. They’re powered by 57mm dynamic drivers with a turbine housing to deliver a one of a kind sound. They come with an inbuilt equalizer for deeper bass production and offer acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction for those pesky white noises in the background.
  • Another great feature of the HT Turbine is the long lasting battery allowing  you to use the headphone for over 45 hours at a stretch and up to 1625 hours of standby time. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for an uninterrupted connection or if you’re looking for a wired feel then you can plug in a 3.5mm audio cable and use the headphones on AC power.
  • The design of the HT Turbine is unique and comes with super-aural soft ear pads for better noise cancellation while keeping the ears cool. But the best feature by far is its ability to connect to a second headset for a shared experience, this can be done by using the audio sharing outlet and connecting two headphones via an Aux cable.
Bluetooth Version5.0
Driver Size57mm dynamic driver with Turbine housing
Features45 hours play time; audio sharing; 4 language voice prompt

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Headphones are great accessories to own and who wouldn’t want something that is durable, powerful, offers long play-time and costs a fraction of the competition. Bluedio has been able to deliver just that and once you experience what they have to offer, there’s no going back.

In my opinion, the Best Bluedio headphone is the HT Turbine as the experience is unmatched. It’s just a wonderful device to own and the best thing is that anyone can buy one. 

Always remember to pick the right headphone by figuring out what you’re going to use them for on a daily basis. 

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