Best Chi-Fi Earphones in 2020

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Best ChiFi Earphones

There are quite a number of Hi-Fi earphones available and it’s actually really hard to pick just one. Some come with steep price tags whereas others fall within the $100 category. 

Chi-Fi earphones are some of the most underrated accessories to use, simply because people tend to think that due to their low prices the quality of the products will be substandard.

This is wrong on so many levels.. Chinese High-Fidelity earphones are in fact some of the best products in the market, they come with powerful monitors and drivers that are designed to do just one thing, amplify your music listening experience. 

Let me take you through a compiled list of the best Chi-Fi earphones on AliExpress to make it easier for you to pick the most appropriate one for yourself. 

What is Chi-Fi?

Chi-Fi or Chinese High-Fidelity refers to portable audio gear such as earbuds or IEM’s that are manufactured by Chinese companies. These products are found in almost all e Commerce sites and have one thing in common, low prices. 

As online shoppers we’re skeptical about low priced goods simply because we don’t know their quality if you’re going to get ripped off, but with Chi-Fi earphones is the opposite.

Best Chi-Fi Earphones

With everything said, these are the best low budget Chi-Fi earphones in the market right now that are quite underrated but perform really well with day to day use.

Nicehck DB3

Nicehck DB3

The Nicehck DB3 are futuristic IEM’s which use 1BS+2DD Hybrid 3 Driver units delivering top notch sound quality at an extremely affordable price of $19.99.

Build & Design

  • The face-plate of the DB3 is made of a zinc alloy while the body is translucent poly-carbonate, the face-plate has the model name DB3 printed on it. 
Nicehck DB3 Build
  • With a detachable design, the cables come with 2 pin connectors that slide into the IEM slots. This prevents the pins from snapping and helps prolong the overall service life of the DB3.
Nicehck DB3 Build and Design
  • This device is meant to be worn over the ear with the cable facing upwards providing a comfortable feel every time you wear the device.
Nicehck DB3 Design
  • The 3.5mm gold plated jack is the standard size and is compatible with all 3.5mm sockets on devices such as Mp3 Players, Smartphones, iPads and Laptops.

Sound Quality

Delivering a professional sound quality, the DB3 is tuned to an extent where low-frequency sounds are elevated while the mid-range and high frequency sounds are clear and the DB3 has pretty good bass delivery.

Nicehck DB3 Sound Quality

Technical Specifications

Connector0.78mm 2Pin
Plug3.5mm L Plug
CableTin-Plated OFC
Sound Driver1BA + 10mm coaxial dual dynamic, hybrid 3 drivers



The T8S uses 1 balanced armature with 2 dynamic drivers uses an original design and comes with a mid-range price of $45.80.

Build & Design

  • The housing unit is made up of plastic while the detailing on the earphones have a metallic finish.
UIISII T8S driver
  • T8S has a 120 degrees oblique ear support and fits comfortably in the ear canal, the winged tip is made up of rubber giving it extra grip while being gentle on the ear.
  • The cable is made of high quality TPE noise reduction wire and comes with a three button microphone unit on the cable connected to the right earphone.
UIISII T8S controller
  • The T8S has a 3.5mm plug set at a 45 degree angle and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices that have 3.5mm sockets.

Sound Quality

The UiiSii BA-T8S has clear mid tones and delivers lower vocals while the bass is quite remarkable and balanced. 

UIISII BA T8S Sound Quality

Technical Specifications

Line Length1.2 meters
Plug3.5mm 45 degree Plug
CableTPE Noise Reduction Wire
Sound Driver1BA + 2DD Noise Isolating Hybrid 6 drivers



The GGMM C800 is a low budget full metal Hi-Fi earphones priced at $10.96 that deliver crystal clear sound while being comfortable to wear.

Build & Design

  • The C800 has a full metal premium design that is engraved with dynamic lines giving it a unified and stylish look.
GGMM C800 Driver
  • Along with being comfortable to wear, the wiring on the C800 is anti-winding and made of high elasticity TPE wires wrapped in 1000D Kevlar wires for greater tension endurance.
  • The C800 comes with a multi-functional single button controller and a built-in noise cancelling microphone.
GGMM C800 Audio connector
  • To guarantee Hi-Fi sound transmission, the C800 uses a 3.5mm gold plated audio  jack which is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Sound Quality

With dual 8.6mm dynamic drivers, the sound output is phenomenal. The high notes are quite clear and unobtrusive while the mids and bass are smooth with clear transitions.

GGMM C800 Sound Quality

Technical Specifications

Line Length1.2 meters
Plug3.5mm Straight Plug
CableTPE Noise Reduction Wire
Sound Driver2 x 8.6 mm dynamic driver units


The TRN V90 are metallic hybrid headsets that retail at $33.51. They use 8 balanced armatures and 2 dynamic drivers powering the flagship in-ear monitors.

Build & Design

  • Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the V90 is acoustically tuned for unsurpassed clarity and sound delivery.
  • The face plate has a pressure regulating vent that controls airflow to equalize the internal chamber pressure.
  • The V90 carries an over-the-ear design that brings a comfortable and snug fit making sure there is reduced micro-phonics and noise isolation.
  • Fitted with a detachable cable, it can be swapped with any 0.75mm 2 pin cable to suit your preference. 
  • The 3 button controller is a Bluetooth module letting you control whether you want to stay wired or go wireless.

Sound Quality

The sound output on the V90 is balanced with impressive micro-detailing. The drivers on this bad boy gives out extended but balanced bass with decent mids and overall well defined.

TRN V90 Sound Quality

Technical Specifications

Line Length1.25 meters
Plug3.5mm Straight Plug
CableHigh purity Oxygen free copper braided cable
Sound Driver2 x 10 mm dynamic driver units; 8 balanced armature

TWS F9 5.0

The F9 5.0 is an intelligent set of Bluetooth earphones that supports voice commands and delivers Hi-Fi cinema grade sound. Available in a dusted black finish, the F9 is pocket friendly and has powerful audio boosters while retaining a simple and sleek feel.

Build & Design

  • Featuring a sleek and simple design, the F9 are retailed in a portable Bluetooth charging case that comes fitted with an LCD display to tell you the battery percentage of each Pod along with the cases battery life.
  • The charging cabin is not only designed to charge the wireless earphones but also any mobile phone can be charged via the USB port on the case.
  • Controlling the device is now easy, with biaural fingerprint touch to handle the playback as well as answering or disconnecting calls.
  • This lightweight, oblique in-ear earphone sits firmly in the ear and is so comfortable that it literally feels like there’s nothing in your ear.
  • The F9 is waterproof and sweat-proof making it great for outdoor activities and workouts.

Sound Quality

The F9 uses a graphene composite vibration film that is lightweight with fast responses and high fidelity. The sound output and quality are cinema grade and these optimized high frequency extensions help reflect more detail.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version / Transmission DistanceV 5.0 / 10 meters
Battery Capacity (Single Earpiece)50mAh
Battery Capacity (Charging Box)2000mAh
Noise Reduction VersionCVC 8.0
Battery Life120 + Hours
Dimensions (Single Earpiece)21mm x 13.4mm x 22.6mm

Special Mention: TRN-BT20S Pro

The TRN-BT20S Pro is a completely wireless set of Hi-Fi earphones using Bluetooth 5.0 and housing an impressively large battery and retails at $67.48. This device is portable and comes with additional connectors allowing you to connect any hybrid earphone and make them wireless.

Build & Design

  • The BT20S Pro is made of thermoplastic elastomer which is a tough and flexible material providing grip as it sits around the ears.
  • This model has a water and sweat resistant nano coating keeping it safe in all weather conditions. It uses a 700mAh portable charging case that provides up to 72 hours of continuous playback and 180 hours of standby.
  • The BT20S is able to convert any hybrid earphone into a completely wireless device.
  • Earpiece connectors are detachable and can be changed from the standard0.75mm pins to either the 2 pin or MMCX connectors.
  • The BT20S uses Bluetooth 5.0 for high-performance and a stable connection.


Since there are numerous Hi-Fi earphones sold on Chinese marketplaces it gets difficult to pick the right one to suit your needs. The Nicehck and UiiSii are two brilliant brands which sell high performance low priced products.

These earphones are currently the best Chi-Fi earphones in 2020 and as compared to the likes of Bone, Sony or JBL are a fraction of the price while delivering competitive audio quality.

Is Chi-Fi worth it?

Yes. Chi-Fi or Chinese High-fidelity earphones are in fact cheap and powerful earphones that use the latest driver technology to deliver unmatched audio quality.

Are Chi-Fi IEM’s better than traditional earphones?

Chi-Fi IEM’s are far superior to traditional earphones because of the ability to isolate noises enabling you to listen only to music and not your surroundings.

Do Chinese Hi-Fi earphones come with warranty?

Most of the IEM’s or Chi-Fi earphones do come with a minimum 6 month warranty and this warranty normally covers shipping damage or manufacturer defects.

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