Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2021

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We’re living in a digital age where almost everything has gone wireless, from mobile phones to portable laptops and tablets. One such device which stands out is the Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

I’ve used Bluetooth speakers for a while now and have found them to be the most portable form of entertainment one could ask for. Most of us don’t pick one up because some of the big brands are a bit pricey. However, I’ve been doing some research of my own and have come across the following Chinese Bluetooth speakers that are actually pretty cheap and the best in their class. 

Let’s take a look at which are the best Chinese portable Bluetooth speakers available right now on Amazon and on AliExpress.

Best Chinese Bluetooth SpeakerFeaturesBest For
Anker SoundCoreBattery: 5200mAh;
Output Power: 3W x 2;
Playback Time: 24 hours
Overall Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
T&G 118Battery: 3600mAh;
Output Power: 20W;
Playback Time: 4-9 hours
Best Chinese Portable Speaker with Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity
Xiaomi Mi Square Box 2Battery: 1200mAh;
Output Power: 5W;
Playback Time: 8-10 hours
Best Branded Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bluedio TS3Bluetooth Range: 33feet;
Output Power: 5W + 2W + 2W;
Playback Time: 5-6 hours
Best Budget Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Tronsmart Element Groove (Force Mini)Bluetooth Range: 100feet;
Output Power: 10W;
Playback Time: 24 hours
Most Durable Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Oontz Angle 3 UltraBluetooth Range: 100feet;
Output Power: 10W;
Playback Time: 14 hours
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Performance
Tribit XSound GoBluetooth Range: 66feet;
Output Power: 12W;
Playback Time: 24 hours
Best Waterproof Chinese Bluetooth Speaker
VicTsing SoundHot C6Bluetooth Range: 33feet;
Output Power: 5W;
Playback Time: 6 hours
Best Lightweight Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
ZoeeTree S1 ProBattery: 4400mAh;
Output Power: 20W;
Playback Time: 36 hours
Most Efficient Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Hadisala H2Battery: 1800mAh;
Bluetooth Range: 100feet;
Playback Time: 15 hours
Best Easy to use Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Top 10 Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Anker SoundCore is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that uses a fine-tuned digital signal processor allowing you to have a remarkable listening experience.

Features and Functions

The main features and functions of the Anker SoundCore are:

  • These wireless Bluetooth speakers have an impressive battery backup of 24 hours playback on a single charge.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • It features an IPX5 rated waterproof casing that defends the SoundCore against spilled drinks and rain.
  • The SoundCore uses dual full-range drivers, a patented bass port and a fine-tuned digital signal processor to produce remarkable sound clarity.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • With Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity you can connect the Anker SoundCore to any device of your choice up to 66 feet away.

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity5200mAh
Output Power3W x2
Playback Time24 Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range66 feet

T&G 118

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The T&G 118 is a mid-range waterproof Bluetooth speaker that packs quite a punch. It measures in at 283mm x 120.5mm and has strap holders to carry it around wherever you go.

Features and Functions

Though small and compact, the T&G 118 can be quite useful no matter where you are. Some of the primary features are:

  • The T&G 118 uses an advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip allowing it to support all Bluetooth connections.
  • You can directly switch to FM radio and select the preferred station using the line of controls situated on the side of the T&G 118.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • With virtual stereo surround sound, the audio output is clear and dynamic making it a great accessory for an outdoor party or get-together.
  • The T&G 118 reads directly from TF cards and U disks giving you more access to your stored music.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The Bluetooth pairing distance is set at a limit of 10 meters, which is pretty decent giving it a long range of connectivity.
  • This Bluetooth speaker supports line-in, external storage and can easily be connected to any Bluetooth device.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range100Hz-20KHz
Output Power20W
Weight1.1 Kg
Playback Time4-9 Hours
Battery Capacity3600mAh

Xiaomi Mi Square Box 2

The Xiaomi Square Box 2 is the latest high-def Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi. The device is 154.5mm x 60mm x 25.5mm and weighs 237grams making it one very light Bluetooth Speaker.The Square Box 2 can be bought on AliExpress for $23.99.

Features and Functions

This compact Bluetooth speaker is sleek and carries Xiaomi’s signature look and feel. Some of the main features are:

  • The case of the Square Box 2 is made of silver frosted aluminum and a white plastic front section that covers the stereo speakers.
  • With a small size and extremely light weight, the Square Box 2 can be carried around with ease or simply kept in your handbag or backpack.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The Square Box 2 has a playback time of up to 10 hours making it best suited for long trips or a vacation in the woods.
  • This Bluetooth speaker has an in-house mic that lets you answer calls on the go.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The stereo speakers on the Square Box 2 deliver crisp and natural sound at all times.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range100Hz-18KHz
Output Power5W
Playback Time8-10  Hours
Battery Capacity1200mAh

Bluedio TS3

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The TS3 has a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker design giving it a very premium look for an extremely reasonable price. This device guarantees rich audio playback from a rather portable 280mm x 108mm x 68mm body. 

Features and Functions

The Bluedio TS3 is an eye-catcher and some of its main features are:

  • The TS3 creates a center channel sound effect thanks to their downward facing bass driver. The independent cavities housing the drivers are designed so that the drivers will not interfere with each other.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • With Bluetooth 4.2 the TS3 stays connected to your smartphone or audio device with no lag.
  • The speaker system on the TS3 is a multi-functional 2.1 surround sound that delivers 3D effect depending on the type of music you’re listening to.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The TS3 supports a maximum of 32GB microSD for extended storage, you can play music via an aux cable and the TS3 can be controlled with the help of the Smart App.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range50Hz-20KHz
Output Power5W + 2W*2W
Playback Time5-6  Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range33 feet

Tronsmart Element Groove (Force Mini)

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers Transmart Element Groove

The Tronsmart Element Groove is a waterproof column portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 24 hours play time. This portable Bluetooth speaker can be pocketed and measures 103mm x 57mm x 103mm.

Features and Functions

This small and portable speaker can be carried everywhere or you can hang it around your neck or from your pants using a lanyard. Some of the main features are:

  • The Groove allows you to connect two speakers simultaneously to one device in order to deliver stereo sound.
  • The bass production is superior and the passive radiator delivers crystal clear bass with less than 1% distortion.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Tronsmart Groove is designed to be waterproof with a rating of IPX7 allowing it to be used both at the beach or in the rain.
  • The Groove uses Bluetooth 5.0 providing you with uninterrupted music at a range of 100 feet.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The device supports microSD and TF cards for additional storage and uses an Aux-In for connected devices along with USB-C to charge the speaker.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range115Hz-15KHz
Output Power10W
Playback Time24  Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range100 feet

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers Oontz Angle 3

The Oontz Angle 3 from Cambridge Soundworks is a 3rd gen portable Bluetooth speaker which boasts of louder volume and over 100 feet Bluetooth range. The device has a triangular shape and measures in at 133.35mm x 66.04mm x 71.12mm.

Features and Functions

The Oontz Angle 3 has a unique design and features a downward facing bass radiator for rich bass output. Some of the main features are:

  • The Oontz delivers high quality stereo sound thanks to the dual precision stereo drivers and the downward facing passive bass radiator guaranteeing enhanced audio clarity and a distortion free music listening experience even at high volumes.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • With a Bluetoth range of up to 100 feet and the advanced antenna design in the Angle 3 you now have a quicker connection and uninterrupted playback.
  • Oontz Angle 3 has a larger battery which enables it to function for up to 14 hours and permits you to carry on using the device even while it’s charging.
  • This device comes with a 3.5mm Line-In and houses an in-built mic for a hands-free calling experience.
  • The Angle 3 comes IPX5 certified making it splash proof and rain proof, ideal to be carried to the beach.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range20Hz-20KHz
Output Power10W
Playback Time14  Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range100 feet

Tribit XSound Go

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers Tribit XSound Go

The XSound Go is a sleek and stylish portable Bluetooth speaker that produces amazing audio providing you with an immersive listening experience.

Features and Functions

This outdoor speaker has a 24 hour playback time with IPX7 rating while delivering rich bass and superior sound clarity.

Some of the notable features are:

  • The XSound Go houses dual high-performance drivers along with passive radiators to pump out deep sounding bass with clear mids and loud crisp highs. 
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • You can leave the XSound Go on throughout the night thanks to its exceptional Li-ion battery giving it up to 24 hours battery life.
  • The XSound Go uses a top notch exterior coating along with an internal frame protecting it from falls and scratches.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • This is an ideal all weather companion which is IPX7 rated allowing it to be used in all weather conditions without getting damaged.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range85Hz-20KHz
Output Power12W
Playback Time24  Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range66 feet

VicTsing SoundHot C6

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers SoundHot C6

This is primarily a shower speaker but can be used on all occasions in every weather condition.

Features and Functions

Compatible with iOS, Android and PC, the SoundHot C6 is rather small and should not be underestimated. The primary features and functions of the C6 are:

  • The C6 is a shower speaker with a detachable suction cup at the back, this Bluetooth speaker is ultra portable and can be fixed in the shower or can be hung from your backpack.
  • With an IPX5 rating, the SoundHot C6 can be used anytime and anywhere irrespective of the climate or weather conditions outside.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 let’s this device stay connected at a distance of up to 33 feet and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as Android, Alexa, iOS and PC among others.
  • The most convenient feature is thanks to the VicTsing waterproof speaker and built-in Mic to handle your calls totally hands-free while you’re in the shower or at work.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The SoundHot C6 is powered by a built-in rechargeable 500mAh battery and can provide up to 6 hours of playtime. The device can be charged using a USB cable and it takes approximately 2 hours to attain full battery.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range120Hz-22KHz
Output Power5W
Playback Time6 Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range33 feet

ZoeeTree S1 Pro

The ZoeeTree S1 Pro is by far the best portable Bluetooth speaker on this list. It’s available on sites like Amazon for below $50..

Features and Functions

The S1 Pro is a masterpiece that provides some of the best audio output besides the extremely long lasting 36 hour battery. 

The main features of the ZoeeTree S1 Pro are:

  • The S1 Pro features a powerful 20W stereo speaker that delivers breathtaking sound with zero distortion even at high volumes.
  • With Bluetooth 5.0, the S1 Pro guarantees unmatched connectivity and coverage of up to 100 feet from the position of the speaker. Along with a built-in microphone, the S1 Pro becomes the ultimate hands-free device.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The S1 Pro allows for TWS pairing with a second speaker for an unmatched 40W of sound providing you with a theater like experience.
  • With an enormous 4400mAh battery (by far the largest on this list), the S1 Pro can be recharged in less than 4 hours with a USB-C cable and has a runtime of up to 36 hours.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The device comes with an IPX7 rating making it waterproof and durable allowing it to be used in any weather condition.

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity4400mAh
Output Power20W
Playback Time36 Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range100 feet

Hadisala H2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Hadisala H2 Bluetooth speaker is a compact, easy to use portable speaker that uses Bluetooth 5.0 for its primary connectivity. The speaker unit is waterproof and wrapped in a mesh finish for added grip.

Features and Functions

The main features of the Hadisala Bluetooth Speaker are:

  • The rather large 1800mAh battery in the Bluetooth speaker ensured 15 hours of playback from a single charge.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Their high-quality loud speakers can deliver excellent bass, wonderful highs and crystal clear mids without any distortion no matter the volume.
  • It’s rated IPX7 and can withstand water. Ideal for showers, the beach and on rainy days, the Hadisala is safe to use in any environment with water.
Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • The Hadisala H2 weighs only 230 grams making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity1800mAh
Waterproof RatingIPX7
Playback Time15 Hours
Bluetooth Operating Range100 feet

The MiFA A10 + Bluetooth Speaker

The MiFA A10+ is the latest addition to the MiFA speaker family. It’s waterproof and has dual internal magnetic speakers, a good low frequency amplifier and is Bluetooth v5.0.

Features and functions

 It’s powered by a built in 2200 mAh lithium battery with an impressive playtime of up to 24 hours on one full charge.

The A 10+ comes with the newer Bluetooth v5.0 which has a good reception range of more than 130 meters and also better speeds at 2 Mbps.

With a 20 Watt output and dual magnetic speakers paired with a low frequency amplifier and dual bass radiators on each end throw deep heavy bass and crisp clear mids and highs delivering good performance overall.

It comes with four different ways to connect your music, Bluetooth, a micro SD card, a USB pen drive and also an AUX in, formats supported are FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3 format.

With it’s in built microphone it’s easy to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices and take calls hands free.

The A10+ is IPX7 water and dust proof, so is good for rainy days and the beach.

Tech Specs

Battery capacity2200 mAh
Output power20W
Playback timeUp to 24 hrs
Bluetooth version5.0
Bluetooth rangeUp to 130 meters
Waterproof ratingIPX7

Tronsmart T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Tronsmart T6 is a budget Bluetooth speaker with a big battery and a 360 degree sound delivery, its power output is 25 watts.

Features and functions

It has Bluetooth 4.1 an AUX audio playback with a range of up to 10 meters.

A LED ring around the buttons on top indicate what status the speaker is in, flashing blue is pairing, solid blue for paired, flashing and solid red for low and charging battery and solid green for charged.

It features a light grey analog volume dial which makes turning up the volume much easier than hitting on buttons.

It’s powered by dual 2600 mAh batteries with a total of 5200 mAh delivering a good 15 to 18 hours of playback depending on the volume levels.

The Tronsmart T6 has two 12.5 Watt drivers with DSP technology that are placed on opposite sides which delivers good quality and a 360 degree angle of sound.

The speaker also has an impressive downward facing passive subwoofer that delivers good heavy bass even at medium volume levels.

Tech Specs

Battery capacity5200 mAh
Output power25W
Weight546.2 gms
Playback timeUp to 15 hrs
Bluetooth version4.1
Bluetooth rangeUp to 10 meters
Waterproof ratingNil

How to choose the bluetooth speaker

While buying a new Bluetooth speaker one must consider the features one wants in a speaker.

 The looks and styling of the speaker, whether one is looking for a flashy modern one or a simpler and more traditional full black or other solid colour model.

Portability also is a factor these days with the launch of some really big, sort of portable Bluetooth speakers, Size and weight matter if you want something to carry everywhere, if so go small.

Battery capacity is also important if you listen to a lot of music, so if you are looking to get long listening hours from your Bluetooth speaker, go with a speaker that has a good sized battery and has a medium output power rating, it won’t be the loudest out there but will run for hours without the need to charge it.

Range is another important factor to consider, this primarily will depend on which version of Bluetooth the speaker is, the older Bluetooth v4.2 has a range of 30 meters but the new Bluetooth v5.0 or higher has an amazing range of up to 130 meters, great for outdoor use when you need to move around.

Waterproof rating is something to consider as well since outdoor use is expected, IPX7 waterproof rating and dust rating of IP68 or higher is the best out there right now.

Lastly and most important, the quality and clarity of the sound. However good the other features are, it has got to sound good, quality and number of drivers it has and whether or not it comes with a bass driver. A good speaker should deliver crisp clear sounds, clean mid and high frequencies and strong bass at lower levels.

This will help you decide on your next Bluetooth speaker.

Best Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers: FAQ’s

Is it worth buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes. If you’re looking for a way to have an outdoor party or a party by the lake where there’s no power source, a Bluetooth speaker is the answer. They’re ideal because they’re wireless, lightweight and some are quite loud enough to actually get a rave going.


As there are hundreds and possibly thousands of Bluetooth speakers in the market it tends to become a tedious task if you’re looking for a new speaker or something that’s cheap and ideal.

Bluetooth Speakers are bound to change in terms of design, price and functionality at any given time making them similar to mobile phones and laptops. Thus, this list has been created to simplify that process for you.

Always remember, all electronic gadgets and audio devices receive upgrades rather frequently. As newer and better Chinese Bluetooth speakers release I will have them listed out here for you.

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